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Different options for Decorative Concrete finishes

Concrete finishing is a way of creating a surface of the desired texture and enhancing its smoothness and durability. A concrete finisher is a skilled person who performs the work. They are responsible for repairing, and finishing concretes in construction projects. A well-done concrete is molded into any shape and size than some finishing into a long-lasting surface with the correct pitch and depth.

Some of the decorative concrete finishes include

  1. Troweled Finish. A trowel is a hand tool with a flat blade used in construction. This finish is the most commonly used. The concrete is first made and leveled into the surface. The trowel is then used to smooth the surface of the concrete.
  2. Broom Finish. This is a type of finish where the broom is used. It is considered a rough textured finish. The concrete is leveled and troweled then a brush is dragged on the surface that creates ridges on it while the concrete is still fresh.
  3. Salt Finish. This is a surface that is textured with indentations by using salt on it. To obtain this, the concrete is mixed with the salt crystals and then rolled smoothly and washed off with water once done.
  4. Stamped Concrete Finish. This finish is done by making the desired patterns with the concrete. This is obtained by leveling the concrete and pressing it according to the models created.
  5. Swirl Finish. This is a circular concrete pattern. It is obtained by smearing the concrete on the surface in an overlapping circular pattern. It is a form of beauty and mostly used in the outdoor. The circular patterns provide a safe walk during rainy seasons.

 In the modern world today, concrete use is not limited to sidewalks alone. It is a beautiful finish that is made to revolutionize home d├ęcor. They have an attractive appearance and affordable too.