What electrical fixes can I do myself

Many homeowners are fond of fixing problems experience in their homes by themselves. However, there are some electrical projects that should not be performed by an individual at home. These electrical projects are usually dangerous and need an expert to handle them. Although there are some that can be fixed at home, they include the following:

  1. If your doorbell is not working you can quickly fix it by unscrewing the doorbell button, remove wires on the back and cross them. If it works you will need to replace the button by purchasing a similar one from a nearby hardware store.
  2. If you have a cordless phone that can’t hold a charge, the phone could be not well positioned. Clean the cradle contacts with a pencil eraser then swipe with a soft cloth and ensure the handset is well positioned and the charging sign comes on.
  3. If a device plugged into an extension cord is not working, try plugging a device that is working into the outlet and check the circuit breaker. if the outlet is okay take the same device and plug into the cord, If the device doesn’t work the cord is probably shot. 
  4. In an instance whereby a circuit has tripped check the fuse or breaker as the problem could be caused by a blown or tripped breaker.
  5. Before repairing a light make sure that you test the switch that controls the outlet into which it is plugged. Switch on the outlet that you identify is working with the light. If it doesn’t work mostly it could be the switch. From this you may call in a n electrician to work on it.

When handling electrical repairs at home it is important that you identify the possible origin of a problem before beginning the repair, the problem could be solved easily without going to all the trouble of unscrewing and fixing wires. It could be as easy as putting a phone in the right position for charging or even fixing a tripped breaker.